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Home Theater & Sound Systems:

Maximum Security & Sound specializes in custom Home Theater, Sound and Video systems. We take pride in designing systems to your lifestyle and budget. Let us design a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 Home Theater System.

Let us provide the equipment or you provide your own and let us install it. We'll program everything onto one remote and even provide detailed written instructions to operate system.

We design audio systems to add music to every room in the house. Have you ever wanted to have music in the kitchen, bedroom, bath and patio.

With in-ceiling speakers you can add maximum sound with a very sleek and inconspicuous speaker. In-wall speakers are paintable which make them match any decor.

We can hide all that messy equipment and with the help of an IR(Infrared) system make it all functional without even leaving your seat.

Make every night movie night and enjoy the Movie Theater experience relaxing at home.

We can integrate security camera's into every TV in the house. Imagine watching the front of your house by simply changing the channel. With a PIP feature you can monitor your home while watching your favorite TV show.

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