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(CCTV)Surveillance Systems:

Security camera's are becoming an everyday part of life. Whether around the house or at the grocery store. In business applications, surveillance equipment pays for itself by minimizing losses by theft or lawsuit. We can provide the capability for remote viewing from any internet connection around the world. We provide all types of camera's, DVR's, time-lapse recorders and hidden camera's.

With residential camera's you can have the capability to view the front door from any TV in the house. Be able to check out the front of your house without even moving. Watch the kids in the backyard. Video recording provides permissable evidence in a court of law. We provide camera systems for every budget.

DVR's(Digital Video Recorder) provide digital quality recording without the hassle of changing tapes. DVR's provide motion detection recording which only records whenever motion is detected. DVR's minimize wasted recording space giving them more recording time overall. DVR's feature Time/Date search which brings you to an exact time and date. No more searching hours of tape for that particular time. DVR's can hold months of storage in a compact unit. This also eliminates stacks and stacks of tapes.


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